Rose Colored Glasses

I am human.  I know that seems like an obvious statement.  But, sometimes when others look in on the life of a Christ-follower they look with rose colored glasses.   They have these world set expectations of how the person will act and what they will think.  So I just wanted to start off setting the record straight…  Yes I am a Christ-follower, but I am also human.

And, as a human I like to be in control.  In authority of all areas of my life. Independent.  Capable.  That’s what my mother called it.  She didn’t need anyone or anything.  SHE could take care of herself, her responsibilities and her family (my father died when I was young).  She led at home. At work.  At church.  Wherever she went.  And she instilled those same values in me.  Never depend on anyone.  Always maintain control.  It’s a life lesson I’ve held onto with a vengeance!!

So, when God recently told me to hand it over it was not a good conversation.  I usually hear Him…  I don’t always listen.  And this was one of those times.  I fought tooth and nail against this request.  I’ve got this.  I don’t need their authority- nor do I want it.  Why?  It’s not fair.  The excuses and complaints went on for months!  Seriously though… I am not even exaggerating.  This was no simple request and I was not going down without a fight.  A fight I ultimately lost, painfully lost. (Side Note: Don’t waste your time fighting with God.  You will lose too.)

So, I restored authority to where it belonged.  What I didn’t realize is the authority I restored was God’s.  I thought I was giving control to another person.  I thought I was being humbled under their leadership.  But I was wearing rose colored glasses. I was so busy looking at the worldly effect of my actions I failed to see the spiritual one.  This was not about the other person, it was about me.  It wasn’t about my independence and capacity in relation to the other person, but rather my independence from God.  In withholding a Biblical authority from another person, I was declaring my independence from the word of God and thus withholding that area of my life from Him.  And, when I restored it I gave authority back to Him- not the person in question.

The truth is God is the ultimate authority.  But He can only exercise that authority if you allow Him to by standing in complete submission.  Do it.  Whatever He’s asking… just do it.  Trust me.  It may be the hardest, highest, and narrowest step you’ve ever seen, but it comes with the greatest reward known to man. Control is overrated – let it go (music from Frozen starts).  Allow the one who created all things to stand in His rightful position of control over all things and suddenly you’ll realize just how much better life is when you don’t have to figure everything out.           #submit2017


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