Okay with hell??

My heart aches.  I mean it almost physically aches right now.  And I don’t know how to overcome it!

I was talking with a friend, just about life and kids.  And they made the casual statement that they would probably go to hell and it was okay.  It was such an overwhelming statement that I couldn’t even respond.  I just sat in silence because seriously how can anyone be okay with going to hell?

I wanted desperately to believe they were kidding, but I knew better.  And to  make it worse I’ve been praying for this individual.  Here I am praying for their salvation and they are willing to nonchalantly throw it away!  Who does that?  I mean I know people that do not have a relationship with God for whatever reason.  And they don’t believe in my truth.  But then they also don’t believe they are going to hell.  Why?  Because hell is part of my truth!!  So this person clearly believes in my truth if they believe they are going to hell.  And if they believe in my truth then why in the heck would they willingly take hell over heaven?

I want to confront them.  I want to ask how they could feel this way.  Why they feel this way.  Why they think it’s okay.  I want answers!  But I am sure this is the very reason God asked me to remain quiet.  He knows that I am in no position to speak to them in love right now.  Heck I can’t even think about it in love!  It’s not that I don’t love them, it’s just that I love Jesus so much.  I can’t imagine anyone saying that they believe but they are still going to choose hell.  I can’t find rationale with this mindset.

So, I will simply continue to pray for their salvation.  Except now, I will pray for a vessel as well.  Someone that can speak truth in love about the insane decision they are making.  I am going to pray that God will send them someone that can meet them where they are and then hopefully lead them back to their shepherd.  And if by chance that person is me, then I pray for a gentle spirit free of saddened judgment and filled with a holy just love.

Have you ever been faced with this type of scenario???  If so, I’d love to hear how you handled it!


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