Baptism Sunday

Three years ago today, my daughter was baptized.

At such a young age she made a decision to follow Christ and made the choice to share that decision with the world.  And, God allowed me to be a part of the process from the very beginning.  It was a humbling experience that I will never forget.

When my daughter first came to me and shared that she wanted to give her life to Christ I was a bit concerned.  If I am to be totally honest I was not onboard at all.  I feared that her desire to give her life was based on something other than a true relationship with Christ.  And I wondered how I would get her to see this.

So initially I just ignored it.  I thought “She’ll forget about it in a couple of days because she isn’t really serious.  It’s a phase that will pass.”  And, after a day or two I thought I was right because she had not brought it back up.  “Yes!”  I thought.  That was a close call, but I made it through.  Sadly, a couple of days is all I got.  Later that week she asked again.  So, I told her “This is a big decision and I want you to do it for the right reasons.  Please don’t think that by giving your life to Christ everything is going to get better.”  I even went as far as telling her that “Satan is not concerned as much with the people that are not pursuing Christ as he is with the people that are; so things could actually get harder for you.”  Looking back now, I have no idea what I was thinking trying to scare my child away from God.  Except that I was afraid myself.  But it worked!  At least for a couple of weeks.

And then the infamous Sunday came.  We were on vacation.  I was watching the service online and she asked if she could watch with me. “Of Course!”  I explained it wouldn’t be like her usual kids service, but she was more than welcome to watch.  And so she did.  Worship was nice but, as soon as our pastor begin the sermon I knew I was in trouble.  It was about where you would end up…  Heaven or Hell.  After the service, she didn’t say anything. I thought ‘maybe I am still okay’.

Fast forward to the end of our vacation.  We are back home and out of the blue one day she asks “If something happens and I die am I going to Heaven or Hell?”  I was speechless.  I felt like a deer stuck in headlights.  How was I to answer this question?  Since it took me so long to respond she continued with “Mom, do I belong to God?  Am I His?  How do I know that I am with Him and how does He know?”  I thought, okay Tara this is it.  No more running.  This child is asking legitimate questions and they need an answer.  So suck it up and put on your big girl panties.  The only problem is I had no clue how to answer them.  I had never done this before.  What was I suppose to say?  I couldn’t draw from my own experience as a kid because I didn’t truly give my life to Christ until I was an adult.  {insert Deep Breath… And respond}.  “Those are all very good questions.  And, based on them I think it is time for us to have a talk about God and about giving your life to Christ.  I don’t want you to be concerned about going to Hell or not belonging, but it sounds like you understand that they are very real possibilities.”  We planned a special time and I spent hours praying that God would give me the words and the direction that I needed for the conversation.  I think I was more nervous than she was because I was worried I would get it wrong.  I didn’t want to fail her or God.  Especially not on this topic.

We had an amazing conversation and I then led her in a prayer of salvation.  It was one of the most precious times we have shared and I am so thankful that I was able to play that role in her life.  Many individuals give their life at church or at camp or with a minister, but how blessed am I to have experienced this with my child.  From that day on we were no longer just mother and daughter we became sisters in Christ.

Six short months after that conversation she made the decision to be baptized.  Here’s a photo from that special day.                   #baptismday  #020214




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