Intentions Matter

I don’t know about you guys, but I am sometimes easily motivated based on the potential reward of my actions.  But today I felt God convicting me that my actions are not enough.  He said, in a nutshell:

You  may be doing all the right things, but if they are for all the wrong reasons don’t expect me to bless your efforts.  I am after your heart not your actions.  The actions I want to see will naturally come when your heart changes.  But changing your actions just to be obedient doesn’t mean your heart will eventually change…

I get your situation isn’t good right now.  There’s a lot of things around you that doesn’t reflect the life you desire.  And you are doing all the right actions to make them look more like your dreams.  But, the problem is you’re doing them for all the wrong reasons.  You think if you do the action it will earn you the change.  But this poses two problems.  First, the change is beyond your hands.  Only my hands can bring it about.  And, I want more than actions.  I want your heart.  I want you to do it to honor me, not to bribe me.  Which brings me to the second problem.  The glory of these blessings are mine.  I want to freely give them to you not because you did all the right things, not so you can say you earned them, but rather so you can say you are blessed to have them.

You give me the situations.  You give me the troubles.  And you focus on fixing your heart towards me only.

Change your actions because your heart has changed and I will change your life because your actions changed!




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