Crazy Choices!

It’s official.  I make crazy choices!  And I don’t even know why.

Today I was just sitting in God’s presence worshipping Him and allowing Him to show His love for me.  It was such a sweet moment.  There was peace and happiness…  pure perfection.  And I am not even talking about hours of my time.  Just 15 precious minutes devoted just to Him.  And afterwards, I felt completely recharged.

Based on this you would think I would make it a priority to take 15 minutes every day to do this.  Why wouldn’t I???  And yet I don’t.  I allow the craziness of kids schedules, work, household maintenance and life in general to dictate the seconds of my day.   Seriously y’all why?  Why can’t I just prioritize God – especially when I know from personal experience how much better life is when I do.  It’s crazy!!!

Nope.  This isn’t the point where I declare making God a priority my New Year’s Resolution.  Nope.  I am not going to make a false promise to do better at it either.  Remember I’m all about authenticity now ;).   And the truth is no matter how hard I try life will get the best of me and I will slip up.  So why try and pretend I won’t.  Instead here’s what I will work towards:  In the days and weeks to come, when I’ve neglected to spend precious moments in His presence, and I feel myself becoming overwhelmed, may I – instead of having a meltdown- remember the calming peace of His presence and immediately seek it.  May my setbacks not hinder my relationship with Christ but rather draw me into a deeper dependency until I genuinely remember and seek to sit in His presence more than anything else.

May God be a part of my daily life, not out of habit, but out of heart!!!




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